FIRST CHOICE FOR responsible companies

Let's support organizations that help together.

for corporate CSR

Do you believe that the growth of the company goes hand in hand with the development of its employees? For commercial companies, investing in the development of the company and the people in the team is common. As are the normal costs of running the office, administration or marketing. We wish that not only companies, but also non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic could invest in their team and their own development. Can you help us?

Can you donate unique items or experiences?
Join in.

OVERVIEW of organizations AND CONTACTS:

  • An overview of established organizations that would welcome support.
  • Connections for both one-time and long-term cooperation.

Support through charity auctions:

  • Material gifts and experiences instead of a financial gift.
  • A simple form of support in a few clicks.

Organizations involved

život dětem
česká olympijsná nadace
pod svicnem
krasa pomoci
kapka naděje
clovek v tísni