WE HELP organizations with HELPING

They can then focus on their mission instead of on raising funds for their team and facilities.

Simple fundraising for non-profit organizations

We are the first charity auction platform. We bring to non-profit organizations another possibility to obtain funds to cover the necessary costs for the operation of offices and the development of the organization.

Invest in organizational development:

  • Investing in employee growth and education.
  • Wages and rewards for the team and management.

Get funding for operating costs:

  • Payments for rent, energy, back office and technology.
  • Costs for accountants, HR, administration, marketing.
We are trusted by non-profit organizations from all over the Czech Republic.
Will you join in?

Do you want to get your organization involved?
DOBROBOT is there for you if you have:

Association, Registered association:

  • documentation in the public register,
  • regular annual activity report,
  • current website and proof of debt-free status.

Foundation or Endowment Fund:

  • current website and data in the public register,
  • published by members of the board of directors and management,
  • financial statement, annual report and audit.

A generally beneficial society:

  • current data in the public register,
  • website with board members and management,
  • audited financial statements.


  • updated data in the public register,
  • website including board of directors and management,
  • financial statement, annual report and audit.

We have supported these organizations


"We appreciate the environment that enables the connection of donors, companies and non-profit organizations in one place. A place where companies can offer in-kind donations instead of financial support, where donors do not leave empty-handed, but with the joy of a trophy. No one has yet offered a platform that says 'up to the last penny'."

Gabriela Drastichová, director of the Czech Radio Endowment Fund

Involved companies

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