How does DOBROBOT work?

We are DOBROBOT, the first charity auction platform. Using digital technologies and online auctions, we connect socially responsible companies and individual donors with non-profit organizations simply and securely.

Why do we do this?

We believe that non-profit organizations deserve attention and support. Our mission is to support non-profit organizations through charity auctions. So that instead of raising funds for their activities, they can help and fulfill their mission. So come on and join us.

Registration and adding a new auction
Simple and completely free.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions?Suggestions for improvement?

Get in touch with us. In the DOBROBOT team, we are constantly working on technological development and innovation, and we will be happy for your tips for improvement.


DOBROBOT is here for you if:

  • You have a non-profit organization and you are looking for funding to run it.
  • You would like to support a non-profit project with your company.
  • You want to contribute to a good cause and you don't know which organization to support.
  • You like adventure, you want to have meaningful fun and contribute to a good cause.

We have launched DOBROBOT 4.4.2023

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Anyone can contribute to the operation of non-profits through online auctions and thanks to the proceeds from unique items and experiences.


  • Free quick registration.
  • New auction in a few clicks, anytime, anywhere.
  • Overview of many organizations all in one place.


  • Auction founder verification through payment.
  • Funds to the organization's account only after the prize has been handed over.
  • Cooperation only with verified organizations.


  • Direct connection between organizers and winners.
  • Database of involved companies and non-profit organizations.
  • Support of the DOBROBOT team throughout the process.


  • Everyone has the opportunity to help.
  • Unique things and experiences with overlap.
  • The support of non-profit organizations to fulfill their mission.

Do you have something special? Item, service, experience? Auction them for a good cause.

1. Register for free
2. Complete your profile
3. Create an auction in a few clicks
4. Choose your favorite organization
5. Start the auction.
6. Now just watch the bids.
Create an auction

Do you like adventure? Choose an auction and bid on a good cause.

1. Choose an auction
2. Register for free
3. Bid and support your favorite organization
4. Pay the winning auction.
5. Contact the organizer about handing over the prize.
6. We will send you detailed information by e-mail.
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