We connect the worlds of those who want to help.

So that help can effectively reach where it is most needed.

We are the first charity auction platform in the Czech Republic. We have combined forces, experience and modern technology to help support those for whom community service is their job and mission.

Why do we do this?

Responsible companies and individual donors are happy to support specific projects. As a rule, those who are most visible will receive help. At the same time, the necessary resources for the functioning of non-profit organizations are often forgotten. We realize that organizations and the people who work for them deserve support and attention. This is precisely why DOBROBOT has been created.

What are we striving for?

We wish that qualified and sufficiently remunerated people work in non-profit organizations. We support civil society organizations so that they can use modern technologies for their activities. We strive to enable them to focus on their mission instead of on raising funds for their operation: we help them to help where it is most needed.

We are DOBROBOT.The first charity auction platform.
We connect non-profit organizations, companies and individual donors.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Dobrobot team members


David has founded the successful platform Donio, through which more than 700 million CZK were collected in 3 years to help specific people with their individual life stories. Thanks to this, he had the opportunity to familiarize himself with the needs of non-profit organizations. Through the first charity auction platform, DOBROBOT, he wants to give the company another opportunity to get involved in charity. He also wants to help non-profit organizations whose work is often underappreciated.

Do you want to establish cooperation?david@dobrobot.cz722 431 795
Head of Marketing

Iveta is the Head of Marketing for Dobrobot and Donio as well. She's in the field for the last 7 years and her experience comes from both tech start-ups and foundations where she's been working with both artists and designers. She likes to travel, to do sports, to cook and also to eat. She's also interested in arts and design; and recently started designing & sewing herself. You can easily recognize Iveta by the company of white shepherd dog called Falko.

Article, interview, collaboration?iveta@dobrobot.cz728 648 835
Head of Relationships

Honza takes care of cooperation with non-profit organizations and corporate partners, so that DOBROBOT is a natural part of fundraising that supports the activity and development of organizations and at the same time a tool for fulfilling ESG strategies on the part of companies. Honza relies on his experience from the corporate and non-profit environment. He devotes himself to responsible projects, education, development and, in his spare time, his garden and cottage in the heart of the Ladova region.

Fundraising or CSR cooperation?jan@dobrobot.cz603 404 831
Back Office Support

Tereza is responsible for back office and customer care and support in DOBROBOT. In her role she is able to apply communication skills and experience gained from working both in non-profit and start-up environment. Being a part of a meaningful project and a wonderful group of people spreading good across more NGOs is what she enjoys the most about working in DOBROBOT. Besides work she likes traveling, getting to know new cultures and places, but what she loves the most are her escapes to nature and mountains.

UX Design

Ľubo is from Slovakia originally, now living in a town near Prague. He voyaged through agencies, startups, publishing houses and corporate organizations, only to find a port in DOBROBOT. His responsibility is UX. When not immersed in designing, he's mostly watching movies or geeking about them, travelling (mostly around the nordic countries), is having a walk in the woods or is cooking (and eating) wonderful food that he loves.

Fullstack Developer

Jakub is DOBROBOT's developer. He wants to use the experience gained from working at software houses to do some good with DOBROBOT. Besides development he loves to take a backpack and get lost in the mountains, and loves to photograph on that occasion. Yep, and books.

"We believe in the world in which civil society organizations, responsible companies and people willing to help work together to so that help gets to where it is most needed at the right time.

David ProcházkaFounder

Are you a company?

DOBROBOT is a solution for responsible companies that support non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic.

Are you a non-profit organization?

We will help you raise funds to cover your activities.

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